Our children change. They are different at different ages

What would it take for you to be the best possible parent for each stage of development?

There IS a way, a map for the journey

Based on a well-established developmental model, this invaluable guide will help you see what they need while connecting with their uniqueness

You can have more of the joy and less of the stress

If you can connect, you can influence

What if intuition is the key to aligning with the creative impulse of the universe?

You CAN be the creator of your life

Build your creation "muscle" and become more effective.

Overcome the blockages. End the self-doubt and frustration


Is there really a secret to relationships?

What would it take for more of us have the pleasure in relationship that life sometimes promises, but doesn’t seem to deliver?

It isn’t as difficult as we are making it be, but it doesn’t happen by magic the way
movies make believe. And none of us get taught how.

This book fills in that gap. It’s an instruction manual and a toolkit. It will help you raise your chances of success

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Is any of this real? How can it possibly work?

This is how the universe really works.  The book is about how to make it work FOR YOU


Discover how to create a better life

Even if you think that you have tried and failed before

Please send me my FREE copy

If you want to know how to create your life to be the one you want, this book opens new doors.  If you know in the core of your being that there is more to "consciousness" than you have been able to get to grips with, this is the book for you.