Who is Jon Freeman

I am a systems thinker and visioner of new futures and my self-development journey spans 4 decades. 

For many years I earned my living in business and I continue to work as a mentor and workshop leader for organisations and as a trainer in both organisational and personal development. 

In parallel, I worked on understanding myself, through inner work and my relationship with the universe through science.   Everything that I create now arises from a passion for the creation of a better world.  I have given many years to understanding how to make that as simple as possible because of the urgency of what faces us.  What you find in this website is the result.

I have written books and articles, some of them listed below and I have trained with many very brilliant, gifted and highly principled people.  Even so, no-one is ever fully qualified for this work and I am still learning.  Always.  I hope that we might have the opportunity to learn together.


Jon Freeman

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